Data Download Tax

The battle against “illegal” downloading seems to be unwinnable and hence the traditional model of rewarding authors, musicians and other creative artists need to be revised. In our opinion an alternative compensation system is the best solution to protecting intellectual rights in the digital age.

The main question is, of course, how to fund an ACS. Ideally only those who actually download e-books, music and movies should pay. However, this is impossible, at least not without massive violation of privacy.

Nevertheless, we believe that a tax on downloaded data is the best solution. Such data download tax will be charged on a per unit base, i.e. per downloaded gigabyte. We propose a two-rate structure with a lower rate for people who download less than a certain threshold (e.g. 10 GB per month) and a higher rate for people who download more.

Internet Service Providers will responsible for collecting this Data Download Tax. And the collected revenue will go to the Alternative Compensation Fund, which will be responsible for distributing these funds among the holders of intellectual rights.

This Data Download Tax will replace blank media levies.

9 thoughts on “Data Download Tax”

  1. Very interesting! This is a subject I’ve thought about a bit. Having all artists and creative people funded from a collective government tax pool seems like a good idea, and indeed reminds me of government art initiatives historically, like the many art projects commissioned by the New Deal. The problem is that it also seems to make artists more dependent on the government even though it ensures their income (through the data tax), so a lot of artists might be leery of it and wish to preserve what they consider to be artistic independence.

    1. >>The problem is that it also seems to make artists more dependent on the government

      This is an important issue. And it’s our idea to get the governments involvement in this as limited as possible. For instance, the ACF will be a quasi-independent body elected by the artists or their representative organisations.

  2. Sure, a reasonable Value Added Tax would be the best way. That would make the government the payer of the artist, which is fine if a smooth system could be set-up.

  3. People just keep downloading and downloading and downloading and downloading my songs. I surely would like to be duly compensated.
    Even a few more likes and comments would satisfy me. 😉

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