Two research proposals

There are some unsolved issues relating to space colonization. Two of them are the effects of low gravity and space radiation on the human body. Hence we propose two research programs before space colonization will be realized.

Rotating space station in high earth orbit

A common concept in space colonization is to replace gravity with the centrifugal force in rotating space habitats. However, it is currently unknown how the human body would react on such environment.

Therefore it would be advisable to construct a rotating space station in an orbit around our planet, probably in high earth orbit but below the Van Allen belts. This space station will be similar to the current ISS, with a couple of astronauts staying there for a couple of months.

Human tissue radiation experiment

This research program has to aims: to determine what effect space radiation has on the human body and to test possible measures for radiation protection.

We propose a study similar to the MATROSHKA experiment. In that study a “phantom humanoid” body was used to measure the radiation effects upon a human body. This “mannequin” contained real human tissue.

However, this experiment took place at the ISS, which located within the protective area of the Earth’s magnetic field. Nevertheless, Lagrange point colonization, regardless whether at Earth-Moon or the Sun-Earth Lagrange points, will bring space settlers beyond the protection of our planet’s magnetic field.

In our proposal a similar dummy – with human tissue – will stay some period of time outside our magnetosphere.

3 thoughts on “Two research proposals”

  1. Let me ask you something: Has all of this been written sometime ago…like in book forum and you are posting it in small segments a few times a week? OR Are you just making it up as you go along? lol
    It is OK either way because it is interesting.
    This thought came to mind because of my post today about writing and not always knowing where we will end up. 🙂

    1. Both :). Some ideas have been developed over time, since 1999. Other ideas are created on the way, usually in reaction to news, ideas, concepts I came across.

      It’s fine to ask about this.

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