On school discipline

Apparently there are schools on our planet which apply a system of dismerit points, point which are assigned to bad behaviour. And if a student reach a certain threshold, he or she will get detention or some other punishment.

However, would it not make sense to reverse this concept? Rather than assigning points to bad behaviour, we could give points to reward good behaviour. For instance 5 points for being in class in time or 10 points for having done homework.

The question is then, what positive consequence should be attached to such points. An idea might be to restrict access to school parties to student with certain number of point, or give retake exams for such students.

Once this system would be in place, a new type of punishment would be possible. If a student would misbehave in school, teacher could distract some points as punishment. The benefits of such penalties are quite obvious.

3 thoughts on “On school discipline”

  1. As a former teacher I certainly was aware of discipline. And to my credit I had pretty good control of my classes. (know as the mean one of our team 😦 )

    It seemed every few years we would have an inservice meeting instructing teachers on a new disciplinary plan. I have made more little charts and punch cards and tickets and stickers and stars and doodaddy things. Spent more time keeping track or who gets what and who doesn’t get what than on teaching. Stamped smiley faces and whatever on little hands. Even had my husband make certificates for good behavior. Bought trinkets and pencils etc to give out.

    Made posters to hang in my room and hall way. Reviewed the rules daily. Met with parents and counselors other teachers and principal. Given demerits….given merits and points. So I do feel I know a wee bit about discipline. Emphasis on the wee bit. 🙂

    I have been retired for over 20 years yet still have dreams/nightmares about some of the problems. And these were kids only 7 and 8 years old. 😦

    I am glad my own kids did not go into teaching. They probably saw their mom stressed and pulling her hair. 😉

    I could go on and on………. LOL

  2. That’s an interesting idea, but it falls into the problem of rewarding behavior that should be expected. A merit system for behavior that was exceptionally good, like perfect attendance for a week/consistently high scores on tests might be better.

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