Decreasing quality of sperm due to polution

Dutch urologist Gert Dohle argues that the quality of sperm is declining as result of certain substances (especially Bisphenol A) found in wide range of plastic products as well pesticides. According to Dohle does chemicals have a negative impact on the development of male fetuses.

Average sperm count of Western males has dropped over the last two decades from 60 to 40 million per mL and Dohle believes that if this trend continues, there will be a point in the far future that people will not able to reproduce naturally. And decreased fertility is not the only health concern. It is believed that these substances are also responsible for increasing rates of testicular cancer.

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  1. That point in the far future should come early, if you ask me. We are polluting the environment at a rate that isn’t sustainable. Maybe it would be a good thing if we can not multiply

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