The Comeback of Wood

Apparently there is a new trend in the world of architecture: building with wood. Though one might think timber construction is old-fashioned, wood is back. There are even skyscrapers of wood!

According to Tony Nielson the advantages of timber construction are:

New timber technologies are enabling building designers and engineers with an eye on sustainability, energy conservation and construction efficiency to achieve previously unheard of results for their clients, particularly in multistorey urban buildings.

Though the main benefit of timber construction seems to be the lesser costs of building with wood.

A logical question regarding wooden buildings would about fire protection. However, with a proper design wood meets adequate safety requirements.

This renaissance of timber construction also meet another idea. Mike Hudon and Bernard Lietaer have proposed what the call a natural saving plan or “tree shares”. Their proposal allows people to invest their savings in sustainable forestry. Timber construction will ensure sufficient demand for timber and hence provide a certain return on investment for savers.

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