Traffick and Dementia

According to Canadian research there is a correlation between living close to major traffic roads and the probability of developing dementia. Though the cause of this relation is yet unclear, it is likely to be related with the emission of fine dust, which might cause brain damage.

Anyway this research provides even more reasons to ban the use of internal combustion engines in space settlements. Dementia is a serious health concern with high costs for society. Reducing the number of cases of dementia should be a key aim of public health policy.

3 thoughts on “Traffick and Dementia”

  1. I saw this on the news this morning and find it interesting, we are victims of our own ‘progress’. wonder if this happened to the cave dwellers too but then they never really reached a ripe old age

    1. Well, there’s a theory that says that dementia is simply the consequence of living beyond our “natural” life expectancy, i.e. much longer than the necessary for our off spring to reach sexual maturity. So there would be no evolutionary pressure to eliminate dementia.

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