New site

As announced previously we will move to a new site later this year. Since building the new site will take some time, there will be no new articles on the current site – save for notifications regarding the new site.

What is the schedule for the coming months? In February I will arrange the hosting and domain name of the new site and from March on I will actually build the new site. A lot of content will need to moved and that will take a substantial amount of time. Therefore the new site will be launched around August 1st.

What would the new site look like? Articles will be grouped in several rubrics, which will be displayed in the header bar. Main rubrics will be “Space settlements 101”, “Proposals” and “reviews”. The main purpose of this is design is to dispense with the “blog-like” character of the site.

What will happen to the current site? This site will be retained, at least until March 2019. Its main use will be to inform our current followers of updates on the new site. As a consequence of the upcoming move, comments will be disabled by March 2nd, 2017.