Housing cooperatives

The recent tragedy in West-London in which at least thirty people have died, is probably the result of a lack of investment in fire safety measures by the landlord. According to classical liberalism the principal duty of any government is to protect the life, health and property of its citizens. And in this case both local and national government has utterly failed to protect the residents of Grenfell Tower.

Government should not only implement strict fire safety rules but should also strictly enforce those rules and landlords who fail to obey those regulations should face criminal charges. However, failure to obey fire safety rules is primarily due to financial motives: maximizing profits by reducing costs. Even though relatively small investments could potentially save hundreds or thousands of lives.

We strongly believe in housing cooperatives as a method to provide affordable housing. Simply put a housing cooperative is an arrangement in which the cooperative owns the building but the cooperative owned by its tenants. Or tenants will be effectively their own landlords.

In the case of Grenfell Tower residents had repeatedly complained about the lack of fire safety measures to their landlord without any effect. If Grenfell had been a housing cooperative, then the residents could have taken matters in their own hand to improve their safety.

We believe that governments should promote housing cooperatives and that interest-free loans should be provided to housing cooperatives to make investments in things like fire safety.

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  1. Profit should not be a consideration in provision of social housing.
    And if the government is not providing social housing and allowing private investment, it should provide better incentives while ensuring all standards are met.
    I agree with you that cooperative housing as a means of housing delivery ought to be supported

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