Animal-free meat and dairy

Scientific and technological progress will make factory farming obsolete in the near future. Here is short video explaining how we can still consume meat and dairy products, while avoiding the mistreating of animals.


For more info:

Perfect Day Foods (animal free dairy)

Cultured Beef (Mark Post’s official web page)

7 thoughts on “Animal-free meat and dairy”

  1. Great stuff. I forget which cultured meat company it is, but one of the biggies, and I saw they’re right now putting the final touches on their huge industrial factory. This year their products will start rolling out en mass. The moment it comes to Brazil, I’m buying nothing else.

  2. Somehow it seems like dairy would be a lot easier as the cells producing milk could be grown and the liquid then extracted. Texture would not be important as it is in meat (plus meat is less homogeneous than just liquid milk, even with its separate components).

    Thanks for looking at my posts and I’ll go looking at some of your older ones, when I get a chance. I see “colonizing Mars is a bad idea” and I’ve thought that was always a bad idea.

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