Shop automation

The employee-less shop is one step closer. Recently Amazon announced to open a grocery shop without check out lines. Now researchers at MIT have developed a robot-picker, that me used to stock shelves. We only need to add some kind of system to detect empty shelves, to run a shop without any human involvement.

The main benefit of a fully automated shop is the ability to operate shops around the clock and possibly lower prices for consumers. However, shop automation has a few drawbacks. First, it will increase unemployment. Also customers of an automated shop might be unable to ask question to staff. Of course, this issue might be solved in the (near) future as well.

2 thoughts on “Shop automation”

  1. This story makes me think of a question that should be on the minds of our business and political leaders: If the purpose of society is not to serve the interests of the general populace, then what good is it?

    Profits at all costs will doom our civilization. Ordinary people need the means of survival – that is, they need rewarding occupations and jobs. If Acme Corporation can produce its products and/or services without workers, then there will be far fewer consumers to purchase them.

    1. You make an excellent point here. This is something which worries me too. Personally I like Martin Ford’s proposal of a virtual job program, i.e. people get paid for performing certain tasks.

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