Situational crime prevention

According to the crime opportunity theory the main cause of crime is the opportunity for prospective criminals to commit crime. Consequently crime can be reduced by eliminating opportunities for committing crimes, a strategy also known as situational prevention. In other words, by making it harder for people to commit crimes, more would-be offenders will abstain from illegal activities.

Here a few technologies that might help to reduce the number of crimes by increasing the threshold.

Security smoke

The idea of security smoke screens is to deprive criminals their sight, so they cannot see what to steal. This could be combined with a burglary alert system, so that the smoke is released when an intrusion is detected.

Stink bracelets

This Dutch invention relies on the use of a repellent odor to force attackers to retreat. According to the inventors of this bracelet, it is especially suitable against sexual violence.

Anti-theft backpacks

Another Dutch invention aimed at making life harder for criminals. Not only is this backpack made of a cut-proof material, it also hides the back’s openings, so pickpockets have a hard time to grab your belongings.


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