Venus colonies

Though we are in favor of orbital space settlements instead of surface based ones, it is still interesting to consider other options. Mars is an obvious choice to locate a human outpost, but there arguments in favor of Venus. Here couple of videos explaining the possibilities and benefits of colonies on Venus.

Not mentioned in either video is the fact that the atmosphere of Venus contains a significant amount of sulphuric acid, which has multiple uses in industry.

Floating colonies in the Venus atmosphere would also be useful when it comes to designing atmosphere based colonies on Uranus.

4 thoughts on “Venus colonies”

  1. If Mars is considered inhospitable for humans, then Venus is a downright frightening environment for colonization. With a surface temperature of 900 degrees Fahrenheit, a highly acidic atmosphere containing corrosive compounds such as sulfuric, hydrochloric, and hydrofluoric acid, and a surface pressure 92 times that of Earth, even the Soviet’s stoutly-build Venera landers ceased to function shortly after atmospheric entry.

    At higher elevations where balloons would operate, the temperature would be lower. However, any such plans for Venusian settlements would be a mighty technological challenge to say the least.

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