US company MycoWorks has developed a technology that turns fungi into an excellent alternative for leather. This fabric is actually made of mycelium, which is the fiber network of a fungus. According to this business their product is highly customizable.

MycoWorks is, however, not the only group exploring the use of fungi to make textiles, around the world people are developing materials based on mycelium. Why are fungi so interesting for the production of textiles, among other products? The main reason is that fungi can be grown on organic waste and hence mycelium-based products are part of a growing trend towards a circular economy.

Not only turn fungi waste in to useful materials, these product are also recyclable themselves. The textile industry happens to be one of the most significant polluters in our modern world. Fungal fabrics could provide a more sustainable alternative source for clothing.

Another advantage of this “MycoLeather” is that does not require the slaughter of animals, while providing a high quality alternative. Also as fungal fabrics could be grown on agricultural by-products, their production would provide farmers an additional source of income.

The video below shows what this fungal “leather” looks like:

Here another video on other material made of mycelium:

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