Exercise at work

As pointed out earlier too many people spend to less time on physical exercise and this seriously affect public health. A serious challenge for many people is to schedule regular work outs in their time tables. The DeskCycle is a tool that allows people to exercise while simultaneously doing something else, such as work.

One missed opportunity of the DeskCycle is that it fails to utilize the mechanical energy from the user. As illustrated in the video below, many people around the world are using pedal power to run televisions but also to charge cell phones and laptops.

If this device would be delivered with an integrated generator, it would become more attractive to people to use the DeskCycle. People like to be rewarded and charging your cell phone or laptop while working out will be a (short time) reward for one’s efforts.

Another method to combine work outs with work is a treadmill desk, which is exactly what it says. The video below shows this works.

And one final idea for workplace exercising: exercise or stability balls.

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