Boiled eggs

Apparently there is a new method to boil eggs, called egglettes, which is shown in the video below:

Previously we discussed Follow Your Hearth vegan egg replacer, which could be used to make omelets as is shown in the video below:

As we pointed out boiled eggs are the only use of eggs that could not replaced by vegan alternatives. However, we might be wrong here.

It should be possible to create an “artificial” egg with separate egg white and yolk from algae or yeast protein. This could be put in a plastic container like the “egglettes”. This way we could, in theory, eliminate the entire factory farming of chickens.

2 thoughts on “Boiled eggs”

  1. Aside from the vegan perspective, I am rather disturbed that egglettes could ever be a marketable product. Seriously, how difficult is it to peel a hard-boiled egg? Have we become so lazy and impatient that 30 seconds is too long to wait? Good grief!

    1. That was my first reaction as well. Only on second thoughts I realized it might have a more useful application, even if that would be some time in the future.

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