Public advertisement

When you go outside is hard not to notice public advertisements: billboards, bus stops, on buses themselves and so on. In fact there is a lot of advertising in our public spaces.

As we favor a social market economy, we do not oppose the presence of advertisements in public spaces. However, we believe public advertising should be based on two principles:

  1. Local businesses should be preferred in allocating space for advertisements;
  2. The revenue generated through public ads should be collected by local government for the benefit of their citizens.

Principle one is motivated by the fact that the primary audience of public advertisements is the local population and that they are more likely to patronize local businesses. This way the local economy would be strengthened.

The second principle is motivated by the fact that the public space belongs to all citizens. Public advertisements are a source of non-tax revenue for local authorities, that they can use to fund programs that benefit the population.