Alcohol and society

On Science Daily there is a report of a German study on the harmful effects on non-drinking third persons. This research shows that alcohol was involved with 45.1 percent of traffic fatalities and about 15 percent of the cases of interpersonal violence.

This study is yet another confirmation of our position that the government should discourage the consumption of alcohol as a matter of health and public security policy and that it should be treated like other controlled substances.

9 thoughts on “Alcohol and society”

  1. Do you mean for example like the way heroin is controlled? Coz I think this would easily lead to an underground market harder even to regulate. And alcohol being easy to make, this would be the second challenge to overcome

    1. We favor “regulated legalization” for drugs such as alcohol, cannabis and so on. That’s is they’ll be legal – but the production and sale of it will be subject to a licensing system and appropriate taxes will be imposed to fund things such as a rehab programs for addicts.

      1. Ah, this I agree.
        We tried legislation to control alcohol consumption through limiting the hours & introducing alcohol detection tests for drivers randomly, especially on weekends. I don’t know how far this has gone to reduce alcohol related fatalities

          1. This doesn’t seem to work well here. Every year, the tax man increases taxes on alcohol and people don’t seem to reduce. They just buy the next lowly priced beer

            1. I see, hence the idea of a legal minimum price for alcohol as well… Additionally, those studies argues it matters whether you have a ad valorem tax (i.e. a percentage of the price) or per unit tax (a fixed price per taxed amount). The latter works better as it increases prices in absolute numbers.

  2. That’s why there should be a 100% sin tax on alcohol and all other legal drugs in order to help compensate for the harm drug use does to society.


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