Service message

As I have previously mentioned I intend to replace this site with a new one – based on Django CMS. There are a couple of reasons why this plans keeps being postponed despite wordpress increasingly becoming an annoyance. But time is by far the most important one.

Anyway, there will be a new site – now planned for mid 2020. However, the development of the new site will be tied with my book Tabula Rasa. In this book I will argue why we need to colonize space as a species.

The reason why my book will be essential for making the new site, is structure. As I have noticed for the last six years, a blog format is not a suitable one for a project as ours. Information is too fragmented and consequently our readers do not get the broader picture.

In Tabula Rasa I build my argument on the Four Goals as formulated by O’Neill. These will be the backbone of the book and hence of the site.