Waste water – again

As regular readers of this site might already know, we believe that sewage and waste water treatment should be funded through the reclamation of valuable substances. For whom is not already convinced of this, we would recommend an article on GreenBiz by Yalin Li: Waste water is an asset.

Reclaiming nutrients and other valuables from waste water would constitute a durable source of non-tax revenue for governments and will hence structurally reduce the need to impose taxes on the people.

2 thoughts on “Waste water – again”

  1. We do this in New York already, with class 1 wastewater facilities. Such plants are authorized to harvest and sell nutrients from used water as fertilizer.

    Costs are not seriously offset by the harvest, tho—it is primarily an economic and environmental benefit. Financial tax base sees no great reduction by the sale of fertilizer but contributes to healthier farms and a more sustainable environment, which are goals our good taxes already seek to fulfill.

    We supply farmers and prevent pollution with fertilizer harvesting–taxes are largely unaffected, which does not negate its benefits at all.

    1. Thanks for your insights!

      Any benefit from waste-water reclamation, be it environmental or fiscal, is important and a step forward.

      Whether such process could be profitable, depends, of course, on many variables: what are the fixed and operational costs of the sewage system? How efficient is the reclamation process? Mow much energy is used? And so on…

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