Clean air and public health

ScienceDaily reports of an EU wide study to the effects of particulate matter:

Particulate matter takes away 125,000 years of healthy life from Europe’s child population

This study once more confirms that air pollution is a serious health hazard and that clean air is a major key to an effect health policy based on prevention. A related study links air pollution to increased risk for childhood cancer survivors.

The obvious message from these studies is that the authorities in charge of future space settlements should implement policies to keep the concentration of particulates in space habitats to an absolute minimum. By reducing air pollution we could structurally reduce health care expenses.

Another health related study: Americans still sit too much. It has been known for quite some time that sitting for extended periods of time is bad for one’s health. In order to reduce overall health care costs, the governments of space settlements should create a culture of non-sedentary lifestyle.

We could start at schools by replacing traditional desks with standing desks and so on. A similar policy could be implemented in civil service offices. By setting a norm of non-sedentary offices, the government could change social attitudes on sitting.

7 thoughts on “Clean air and public health”

  1. The way you’re using “space’ here makes this seem like a possible science fiction piece. lol

    I agree with what you’re saying though, although I’m not sure I would have enjoyed standing desks at school. At school what we’re getting away from is giving kids adequate play time. There are lots of ways to break up the day and get some movement in.

      1. My Colleague has a standing desk…it just freaks me out when I walk by because he’s just standing there looking out his door. I’ll admit I have a bit of aversion. Maybe if I had a standing desk since I was a kid, I’d be used to it. But then maybe we’d all have varicose veins instead! lol

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