Science round up 2

Once again we want to report of some interesting pieces of science news.

Scientists create embryonic stem cells from skin tissue

Researchers have managed to produce three types of ESCs from mouse skin cells. This could make cloning animals – and humans as well – a lot easier, but the main motivation is, probably, to develop stem cell therapy using one’s own tissue.

Such a treatment would be more practical than therapeutic cloning, which would need a large supply of egg cells. Removing this particular need stem cell therapy would become significantly cheaper and hence more affordable.

Drinking water is better than low-calorie soft drinks

Children who drink low-calorie soda drinks won’t lose much weight, primarily because they tend to consume more drinks – canceling out the benefits from low-calorie drinks. Drinking water instead does have a positive impact on one’s body mass.

As an alternative to low-calorie soda drinks, the researchers suggest flavored sparkling water – which has no calories at all.

Fuels from air-conditioning systems

Scientists from Germany and Canada have found a new source of oil: your air-conditioning. The idea is to filter water and carbon dioxide from the air, while it passes through the ventilation system. Once these substance are collected they could be converted into hydrocarbons.

Though this method of fuel production is intended to contribute to reducing fossil fuel use and to combat global warming, this technology is of interest for space colonists as well. Especially in small habitats and space station with little plant life, carbon dioxide levels could easily build up to a dangerous degree. So carbon dioxide needs to be removed.

Chatterbox parents may boost kids’ intelligence

Apparently exposure of infants to a lot adult speech has a positive impact on their cognitive skills. This research is interesting as it might provide an additional tool to increase the general intelligence level of the population. However, more research is required to establish whether there is an actual causal relation here.

6 thoughts on “Science round up 2”

  1. Curious to know if anyone is trying to produce meat (actual meat) from ESC’s which might then compete with products like Beyond Meat. Do you know?

    1. Not necessarily ESCs, but cultured meat from animal stem cells is a real thing with different companies around the world seeking to bring a commercial product on the market in the next few years. As you might know I have written about it in the past.

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