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  1. Hi Mordanicus! I don’t blog anymore. I received the notice of your request. Thank you. It’s been 3 years. I just grew weary from it. But I do miss my favorite bloggers and spy on them occasionally. I didn’t delete my blog(s) because I like rereading and laughing at the comments. Fond memories.

    I love puzzling too. The daily paper hosts The New York Times puzzle, a Sudoku and a cryptogram. (Plus I finish any easy ones my husband can’t finish.)

    I tried Twitter 2 years ago but now only read the tweets. I will follow you. 🙂

    1. Great to hear you are fine. There is no shame you stopped blogging – if you can’t find the energy for it, so be it. Anyway, I would love to hear from you once in a while.

      Puzzling is a great way to spend your time and science shows why. Also I strongly believe we need to introduce puzzling as a mandatory subject at school.

      1. Be careful what (and who) you love. 🙂 You might get your wish.
        I definitely agree about teaching puzzling (early) in school. The little ones have their brain drained on uselessness. I left teaching over 20 yrs ago so not up on what’s going on today.

        Solving puzzles is hard enough but making them isn’t easy either. Here’s one I made especially for U.

      2. A Shameless Announcement

        A little shameless announcement
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        I have started a wee new blog
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        It’s sure to be of no interest
        Of that there’s no debate
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        I’m sorry already! I wish I could blame somebody else for talking me into it. I’m just recycling my same old – – – -. I can’t remember posting any of it before and am sure no one else could either. I look at it as an exercise in fending off the inevitable forgetfulness. 😦


              1. I have been trying to post here with my new blogspot account, but I can’t get out of WordPress to do it. Been working for over an hour. 😦 But I did post about your site.

  2. I did post from the new blog on ‘mak’s site. He had a little ‘google’ icon to click on when I tried to post. You only have a WordPress, Twitter and FB icon to post from. 😦
    If I spent as much time on worthwhile projects instead of trying to figure out this, I would be famous. (and rich)

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