Home environment and education

In this post we want to discuss to studies reported by ScienceDaily on the relation between one’s home environment and performance an behavior at school.

Good home learning in early years boosts your secondary school achievements

German research shows there is a correlation between a rich learning environment at home during early childhood and performance at school later in life. According to this study shared book reading those not only improves linguistic skills but also numeracy skills.

If the government wants to stimulate general school performance, it might be a good idea to provide free learning materials to parents – in particular to families in lower socio-economic strata.

Teens ‘mocked’ by their parents are at greater risk for bullying, victimization

Bullying is a major issue, not only at schools but also on the work place. Most anti-bullying programs focus on the bullies, but this studies shows that parental attitude is a key factor in why some people become bullies.

In short if parents have a negative attitude towards their children, the latter are more likely to bully others. So if we want to substantially address the problem of bullying, we need to inform parents of their responsibilities and the importance dealing with kids in a positive manner.

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