Heat regulations

As a citizen and resident of the Netherlands I have to cope with a row of extreme warm weather – the 75-year-old temperature record has been broken several times yesterday and will do again today. Even worst I live in the hottest part of the country.

One of the benefits of living in an orbital space habitat will be the fact that we will have full control over its internal climate – including heat control. I won’t go into the technical details of this.

In his The High Frontier O’Neill recommends that temperatures within residential areas should be between 15 and 20°C, while in agricultural zones this will be around 35°C. Since no one will live in the latter (and most of the work will be automated anyway) this would not really an issue.

However, different people will favor different climates, either permanently or temporally (i.e. seasonal variance). Nevertheless, I would argue that the variation in temperature within residential space habitats should stay between -10 and 25°C.

Interior of a Bernal sphere on what looks like a summer day (source: NASA)

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  1. 39 I heard it was there yesterday. I might be a Queenslander now living in Brazil (quite used to heat), but even I can appreciate just how ghastly 39 can be. I hope people are paying attention to their animals.

    1. Where I live, about 120KM south of Amsterdam, it has already been raining – with lightning and thunder – since yesterday eve (local time).

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