Fending off dementia

Dementia is obviously bad for those who suffer from this condition, but it also puts a strain on society. First of all, it removes potentially active people from society and secondly other people have to take care of dementia patients.

Since dementia is a progressive disease, it will only become worse over time and hence it would be best if we as a society could prevent this condition or at least reduce the number of people suffering from it.

The Guardian reports a study that show that people who daily interactions with their close friends during their 50s and 60s have a twelve percent lower chance of developing dementia. Though this is an interesting study, it is hard to devise a government policy to promote active friendships.

Another study, reported on ScienceDaily, shows that their is a relation between choline consumption and reduced risk of developing dementia. This is not really a surprising observation, as it is widely known that choline has a beneficial impact on pre- and post-natal brain development.

As stated above it is important that we diagnose dementia as soon as possible. Fortunately researchers from the Washington University Medical School have developed a blood test that can with 94 percent accuracy predict Alzheimer’s disease twenty years in advance. Of course, such a test would only be meaningful if there are treatments available to fight latent Alzheimer.

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