Land code

This is an outline for the proposed Land Code of the Republic of Mordan

Book 1 Land lease

Title 1 General Provisions

Title 2 Emphyteusis

Title 3 Superfices

Title 4 Sevitutes*

Section 1 General provisions

Section 2 Predial servitutes

Section 3 Personal servitutes

Title 5 Freedom to roam

Title 6 Land Registry Office

Title 7 Polar sections**

Title 8 Spatial planning

Book 2 Radio frequencies

Title 1 General provisions

Title 2 Radio frequency plan

Title 3 Radio frequency auctions

Title 4 Transfer and cessation of radio frequency leases

Book 3 Mining

Title 1 General provisions

Title 2 National Mining Bureau

Title 3 Mining licenses

*Servitutes are the civil law equivalent of easements in common law jurisdictions.

**This title deals with a particularity of the design of O’Neill cylinders and is primarily relevant for mountaineers and winter sport enthusiasts

2 thoughts on “Land code”

    1. I share your sentiment but I am afraid that will impossible. One of the reasons I am interested in space colonization, is to implement social reforms without having to resort to violence.

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