Fluoride and IQ

We have earlier discussed the negative effects of environmental lead exposure on pre- and post-natal neural development. A new study from Canada, reported by Interesting Engineering, suggests that also fluoride might have a negative effect on one’s IQ. And this is a serious issue.

Water fluoridation is a highly controversial policy to prevent tooth decay among the population. However, there are alternative methods to prevent tooth decay and hence we oppose water fluoridation. This new study presents yet another nail to the coffin of water fluoridation.

2 thoughts on “Fluoride and IQ”

  1. I’ve always rejected the water fluoride fears which was satirically portrayed in the brilliant 1964 Stanley Kubrick film “Dr. Strangelove” by General Jack D. Ripper (actor Sterling Hayden) who unilaterally launched a massive nuclear strike against the Soviet Union because he wanted to destroy the “international communist conspiracy” of water fluoridation.

    However, an incident last year gave me cause to reconsider. Immediately after a trip to the dentist who gave me a fluoride treatment (a.k.a. tooth varnish), I became unusually disoriented and nearly caused an automobile accident. Several hours later, the symptoms disappeared. I think I swallowed a large amount of that stuff.

    1. First principle of toxicology: every substance in the right dose is poisonous. Much of the opposition against water fluoridation is irrational and based on ignorance. For me, it’s an effective but inefficient way of preventing tooth decay – I would favor the free distribution of fluoridated toothpaste. However, new insights should be taken into account when reviewing long standing policies.

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