New Site Update

As some of our regular readers might know, we intend to move to a new website. We have decided that WordPress is not suited to our needs. We are still considering several alternatives to WP.

As the main author of this site, I have good experience in working with Pelican for building websites for my own business. So I seriously considering this as an option for the new site. Though our original plan to move to Django CMS is still a viable option as well.

We will give further updates, when they are due.

2 thoughts on “New Site Update”

  1. I hope you find a good place to live.
    (I can’t keep track of who I am. I think I need a place to settle down too. 🙂 I guess you accept any comments? )

    1. In regard of moderation policy: All comments by first-time commenters or those that contain links, will be moderated. Comments by known commenters, in sofar as the are not grey or blacklisted, will be approved automatically. I hope this explains a bit.

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