Banana Republic 2.0

Though the term Banana Republic is usually used as a pejorative to denote corrupt failed states. However, it might be time to improve the meaning of this phrase.

Intercropping is discussed by O’Neill in his book The High Frontier in some detail. This is not surprising as food security is one of the Four Goals formulated in the same book. Research shows that banana monoculture has almost the lowest yield compared with intercropping with other crops.

In addition to the video above, banana leaves could also be used a replacement for both plastic and paper packaging. Banana Leaf Technology has developed a method to conserve these. By adding value to this “waste” product, banana farmers’ income could be further increased.

Alternatively banana leaves could be processed to make paper:

The combination of polyculture and the use of agricultural by-products as an industrial resource, both increases and diversifies income for farmers. And for society at large the total amount of waste is reduced.

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  1. This could be a functioning banana republic. Banana needs redemption because if one says you have gone bananas, it is not a good thing

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