Permaculture and Space Settlements

We are great fans of permaculture, as it perfectly fits into to the second of the Four Goals as formulated by O’Neil:

There should be found an optimal living climate for the entire world population

But what is permaculture? In the video below the principles of permaculture are explained.

One type of permaculture is the food forest and this is explained in the video below:

Food forest are nice way to realize to vision O’Neill had for the design of the interior of the O’Neill cylinder: villages separated by forests. And additionally it combines goal #2 with #1, to eradication of hunger and poverty.

One thought on “Permaculture and Space Settlements”

  1. The Principles video is v. inspirational. I try to use some on my allotment, but I can see how that ends up being half-baked, because you need a holistic approach to the lay of the land, and most of that belongs to someone else. Starting from scratch somewhere out in the universe is sounding v. appealing.

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