Cycling for live

We believe that health policy should be focused on prevention or health promotion. This will, in our humble opinion, lead to lower medical expenses in the long run. Like other public policies health promotion consists of many different elements. ScienceDaily reports on one of this building blocks:

Cycling to work? You may live longer

To quote the article:

…people who cycled to work had a 13 per cent reduction in mortality during the study, likely as a result of the health benefits of physical activity. There was no reduction in mortality for those who walked or took public transport to work.

In classical liberal theory one of the main duties of the government is to protect the right to life. Promoting its citizens to cycle to work, the government has a rather easy way. One way to stimulate cycling, is to implement a public bicycle system.

2 thoughts on “Cycling for live”

  1. In Nbi, cycling to work is an extreme sport. There are many chances to be knocked down and then coupled with exhaust fumes from automobiles, it’s almost not advantageous to do.

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