Some studies regarding education

We believe in an evidence-based approach when it comes to education reform. Therefore here some studies that might help future space settlements to design their educational policies.

Montessori preschool boosts academic results and reduces income-based inequality

We will cite:

Children in Montessori preschools show improved academic performance and social understanding, while enjoying their school work more, finds the first longitudinal study of Montessori education outcomes. Strikingly, children from low-income families, who typically don’t perform as well at school, show similar academic performance as children from high-income families.

This is interesting as many of our proposals such as the use of puzzles in schools, seems to fit very into the Montessori method. Also the following approach to classroom discipline, is of great interest:

Praise, rather than punish, to see up 30% greater focus in the classroom

The following quote nicely summarizes this study:

“Praise is a form of teacher feedback, and students need that feedback to understand what behavior is expected of them, and what behavior is valued by teachers.

“Even if teachers praised as much as they reprimanded, students’ on-task behavior reached 60%. However, if teachers could increase their praise to reprimand ratio to 2:1 or higher, they would see even more improvements in the classroom.”

Another study relates stress and air pollution to cognitive difficulties and hence requires adequate government intervention to improve educational performance. Drawing, on the other hand, seems to have a positive effect on our overall cognitive abilities. So we might promote drawing at schools as well.

On a final note, two studies suggest that there is no noticeable difference between men and women in regard of mathematical and spatial skills:

Brain of Girls and Boys Are Similar, Producing Equal Math Ability

The sexes have equal spatial cognition skills

Of course, there are individual differences but those cannot be generalized to sex.

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