Animal-free leather

US start up Modern Meadow has developed a fabric they market as Zoa, an animal free leather. Unlike other “vegan leathers” such as Piñatex, this fabric is made from collagen from yeast.

The video below goes into more detail about the company calls biofabrication.

Quite interesting is the mentioning of another start up that uses yeast to make silk. In fact biofabrication could be used to produce a wide range of animal proteins. Perfect Day (formerly Muufri) uses a similar technology to make milk proteins.

Yeast-based biofabrication is of particular interest for space settlements. Keeping and slaughtering animals in orbital space habitats has long been considered as one of the most wasteful uses of scarce land. And with this technology space settlers do not need to keep any animals for the production of leather, silk or dairy.

Therefore we propose that the governments of space settlements will set up a company to be called Mycogen – after Asimov’s Foundation series – through its domestic development fund. This company should obtain licenses from the businesses mentioned above (and others) to use their technology.

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    1. Indeed. And very necessary. Don’t forget that many plagues, including the current Covid-19 pandemic is the result of our massive consumption of animal products.

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