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Education is an important issue in modern society. Hence it is important for policy makers to know what measures will improve the overall effectiveness of the school system.

One topic we should look at, is school starting times for teenagers. Scientific study after another, suggests that later school times are beneficial for students age 12 and above.

Early high school start times adversely affects attendence

Teens sleeps longer, are more alert for homework when schools start later

Current school start times damaging learning and health of students

Source: ScienceDaily

So why don’t we move high school start times? The following article “Despite benefits, half of parents against later school times“, cites some arguments:

Among those opposing the shift, Dunietz says, many had logistical concerns with later school starts. Respondents cited transportation issues, as well as worries about fitting in after-school activities and adjusting meal times.

These objections are, in my humble opinion, complete bullocks:

  • teenagers should use bicycles to get to and from schools, this would solve the whole transportation issue and has substantial health benefits (as a seventeen-year-old I had to cycle 1.5 hours a day back and forth).
  • a school lunch program would address the “meal times” problem; a decent program would have a wide range of advantages, including ensuring youngster get enough choline.
  • after-school activities are of secondary importance and should be shifted, to adjust to school times. Also as far as I am concerned a 16-year-old is not responsible to babysit her 9-year-old sister.

Therefore society should get used to the idea that students between the age of 13 and 17 will start school at a later time.

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