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The Case Against Mars

We are, to put it mildly, no fans of the colonization of Mars and instead we favor orbital space settlements. In the video below Simon Whistler of the TopTenz YouTube channel gives a nice summary of the challenges people will face on Mars.

It is not to say that orbital space habitats will be easy to build but given the particular difficulties Martian settlers will face, it will be the better alternative.

Of related interest: Interesting Engineering has an in depth article on the challenges of building human settlements on Mars.

Organ cultivation

Last week Japan announced it would allow experiments to grow human organs in animals. These experiments are controversial, not in the least place because of animal welfare concerns and the possibility of cross-species diseases. However, xenotransplantation is not the only line of research pursued to solve the shortage of donor organs. Continue reading Organ cultivation

Happy anniversary

Today it’s fifty years ago that Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon – after having landed there six hours earlier (on July 20, 1969) – quickly followed by Buzz Aldrin, while Michael Collins remained in Lunar orbit. This is a great milestone in human space exploration and unfortunately until this day still the farthest point humans have traveled.

However, it’s very likely that mankind will return to the Moon, the question is only when. On Wattpad I have published a story about the future of human activity on the Moon and in particular I deal with the conflicting ideas people will have about the use of our only natural satellite.