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Dairy, Eggs and Space Settlers

Space colonization and livestock farming is a difficult combination, as livestock will require a significant amount of scarce food and space. Either of these will be limited in supply, in particular in the first space settlements. Hence (the first) space settlers will have to adopt a primarily vegan diet, as animal products will be quite expensive. Continue reading Dairy, Eggs and Space Settlers

For a Narrow Expansion of Liberty — A Summary of Recent Cases Filed on Behalf of Four Chimpanzees

An interesting article on animal rights.

Scientia Salon

chimp_Craig_R_Sholleyby Kirill Ershov

This essay summarizes the recent series of New York State cases that were filed by the Non Human Rights Project (NhRP) petitioning to have four chimpanzees released from their owners. NhRP’s primary intent was to have the chimpanzees recognized as human-like beings with a common law right to liberty — to be recognized as autonomous and self-determining beings that cannot be legally considered as property. [1] The summary includes a discussion on the Hohfieldian system of legal rights that was relied upon by the petitioners.

At the end of 2013 NhRP filed three separate writ of habeas corpus petitions on behalf of four chimpanzees — Tommy, Kiko, and Hercules and Leo. The chimpanzees were chosen from different areas of New York state so that they could be filed in different circuits, increasing the chances of a positive outcome. At the time of the filings Tommy was held…

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