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Situational crime prevention

According to the crime opportunity theory the main cause of crime is the opportunity for prospective criminals to commit crime. Consequently crime can be reduced by eliminating opportunities for committing crimes, a strategy also known as situational prevention. In other words, by making it harder for people to commit crimes, more would-be offenders will abstain from illegal activities. Continue reading Situational crime prevention

Building codes and crime prevention

Two interesting explanations for the rise and fall of crime in Western societies are the crime opportunity theory and lead crime hypothesis. Though both approach crime from a different angle, there are not mutually exclusive and in fact I believe both provide usual insights for a sensible government policy aimed at crime reduction. Continue reading Building codes and crime prevention

Police and firearms

In most jurisdictions firearms are part of the standard equipment of regular police officers. Only a few countries do not equip their regular police forces with firearms, and limit firearms to special units. Of these countries the UK is the most remarkable one, as it is the only larger and densely populated country where ordinary police officers don’t carry firearms on duty (with the exception of Northern Ireland). Continue reading Police and firearms