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Worker cooperative articles

Here some interesting articles on worker cooperatives:

The Case for Worker Cooperatives – by Nancy Folbre, New York Times

Worker Cooperatives: A Bipartisan Solution to America’s Growing Income Inequality – by Benjamin Gillies, Kennedy School Review

10 Lessons from Kenya’s Remarkable Cooperatives – Nathan Schneider, Shareable

Mondragón Cooperative: A Bussiness with a Commitment to a Common Good – by Georgia Kelly and Shaula Massena, Yes! Magazine

State and Worker Capitalism

Regular readers will know that we are in favor of self-employment and worker cooperatives. And consequently we are in favor of government policies to stimulate the formation of worker cooperatives. Our ideal economy would be a version of worker capitalism, i.e. a system where there is no distinction between workers and capitalists (those who own the means of production). Continue reading State and Worker Capitalism

Public procurement

In modern societies the government accounts for between thirty and sixty percent of GDP, hence public spending is an important factor in how the economy is organized. Though the government funds many activities, e.g. road construction, often such jobs are contracted out to private businesses. Purchasing goods and services from the private sector by the state is known as public procurement. Continue reading Public procurement