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Illegal vs criminal

There is a lot of confusion on the web regarding the words illegal and criminal. Many people seem to believe that these words are synonymous and interchangeable but they are not. Especially many people are apparently clueless whether breach of contract is illegal or not.

Short answer: breach of contract is illegal. However, it is often not a criminal offense. Continue reading Illegal vs criminal

On downloading

A couple of years ago we proposed the idea of a general data download tax to fund an alternative compensation scheme. Under this tax people would pay a charge for each, say, gigabyte of data they would download. Though the concept itself is rather simple, it becomes complicated if one needs to take into account businesses, libraries and internet cafés. Continue reading On downloading

On the criminal prosecution of the government

Individuals, or natural persons in legal jargon, can commit crimes and hence can be prosecuted for crimes. Similarly many jurisdictions provide for the criminal prosecution of juristic persons, popularly known as “corporations”. The question might rise should the criminal prosecution of the government be possible? Continue reading On the criminal prosecution of the government

Legal puzzle

Suppose that Alice owns a home with more rooms then she need for herself. Therefore she offers one room to Bob, on condition he performs 12 hours of housework a week. He agrees.

How would you classify this contract?

  • a rental contract with rent paid in kind, or
  • an employment contract with wage paid in kind.

Please leave your answer with arguments as a comment.