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The Mordan Foreign Investment Corporation

This post has been long overdue

Earlier we proposed the establishment of the Mordan Domestic Investment Fund. That fund is intended to stimulate domestic economic development. However, the Mordan Foreign Investment Corporation or MFIC, will focus on investments abroad by investing the Nation’s foreign exchange reserves*.

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Mordan Property Law

Here we will give a short overview of Mordan Property Law. Since this is still a proposal, we restricts this discussion the essential features of Mordan Property Law. We will cover three topics: immovable property, movable property and animals.

Immovable property

All land is the inalienable property of the people. Though the government will be responsible to manage this on behalf of the people, it will be incorrect to refer to land as “state” or “government property”.

Individuals can hold land in a private capacity through lease (using the legal figures of emphyteusis and superfices). Subsequent leaseholds can be sold or mortgaged by their lessees.

Movable property

With the exception of animals (see below) the law on movable property will not differ much from most terrestrial legal sytems. Full ownership of both personal and capital goods will possible and expropriation is not allowed without due cause and adequate compensation.


Under Mordan law animals cannot be owned by humans, as they are not things but sentient beings. Nevertheless people can keep, under certain limitations, animals. However, this relation will be a type of guardianship rather than ownership.

Since animals are not property, they cannot be sized for the settlement of debts. The forfeiture of animals is only possible for the sake of animal welfare or public health.

Proper use of “Mordan” in English and Dutch


Noun: Mordan

Adjective: Mordan (example: the Mordan constitution)

Inhabitant: Mordan (example: two Mordans walk on the street)


Zelfstandig naamwoord: Mordan (dus niet Mordanië)

Bijvoegelijk naamwoord: Mordaans

Inwoner: Mordaan


Substantif: La Mordan

Adjectif: Mordanais

Habitant: Mordanais


Substantiv: (die) Mordan

Adjektiv: Mordanisch

Einwohner: Mordaner