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The Mordan Constitution

For several I have been working on a draft version of the constitution of the Humanist Republic of Mordan. Recently I have revisited the draft constitution, and it is mostly complete.

I intend to have finished the draft constitution by October 4, 2015. The purpose of this document is to serve as the starting point of the constitutional debate. The draft constitution is not meant as the definitive constitution, as people will be able to suggest amendments.

During the coming months, I will discuss several provisions of the constitution on this site. You are invited to contribute to these discussions.


Emphyteusis is a type of land lease that exist in many civil law jurisdictions. Technically emphyteusis is a so-called real right, which means that it can be sold, inherited or mortgaged by the lessee. Basically the lessee can act as if he were they landowner, while the legal owner is for the duration of the lease deprived of the enjoyment of his property, hence he is referred to as “bare owner”. Continue reading Emphyteusis

Emblem of the Humanist Republic of Mordan



Virtually all nations have either a coat of arms or an official emblem. The Humanist Republic of Mordan will have an emblem, which is shown in the picture above.

The blue thing below contains the republic’s official motto:


Or translated in English:


The blades of the swords are silver, and the handles are gold.

The letters SPQM stands for Senatus Populusque Mordanus – the Senate and People of Mordan.

The “pizza-slices” with SP and QM are light blue.

Reforms, revolution and immigration

Part I

Social reformers of whatever kind has at some point to face the as inconvenient as inevitable conclusion, that the overall majority of the population is conservative. This folk conservatism is distinct from other types of conservatism, but its main tenets are fear for the unknown and hence an inclination towards the status quo.

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