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Automation: challenges and solutions

Automation is a bless and a curse. On one hand it liberates humans from dangerous, monotonous and boring work, while on the other hand it takes jobs from people and hence their source of income. The latter is not without consequences. Continue reading Automation: challenges and solutions

Outline Penal Code

Below an outline of our proposal for a penal code. The proposed code is under construction and will with crimes, while lesser offences (calles contraventions) are treated in the offences code.

In the comment section you could propose specific provisions for this code, but recall that those should fit into our commitment to secular, liberal humanism. More specific we do not believe in victimless crimes, i.e. a crime should impose harm on either individuals or on society at large.
Continue reading Outline Penal Code

Name change

In order to prevent confusion we have decided to change the name of this site, currently Republic of Lagrangia. There are two reasons to reconsider a name change:

  1. The current name either suggest that we are either a micronation or a government in exile. We are neither.
  2. It distracts from the actual name of the country we want to establish: the Humanist Republic of Mordan.

We are considering the following names:

  1. The Lagrangian Republican Association
  2. The Lagrangian Humanist Republicans
  3. The Lagrangian Humanist Settlers Association

We would like to hear your opinion on this change.

On the military industry

As our regular readers and followers probably know, we want to found a neutral state. In foreign policy, neutrality is the policy of a state not to choose sides in an international conflict (and war in particular). Neutrality requires that a state is able to defend its own population and territory and does not depends on other countries for its defense. Continue reading On the military industry

The Association of Lagrangian Nations

When multiple sovereign communities will be established at the 4th or 5th Sun-Earth Lagrange points (SEL), there will be a need for an intergovernmental platform. The leaders of the several Space Settlements will regularly meet to discuss their common interests and to settle their own disputes.

We propose the establishment of the Association of Lagrangian Nations (ALN). This organization will not be a military alliance, nor will it be a free-trade area. Rather it will be the Lagrangian alternative for the united nations, but with several key differences. Continue reading The Association of Lagrangian Nations

The Mordan Talent

For our and your convenience, we have decided to propose the Talent (proposed currency code: RMT) as the national currency of the Humanist Republic of Mordan. On this we have discussed monetary issues, but we never went so far as to give the currency a name. We have noticed that this has led to uneasy situations when we wrote about topics involving monetary examples.

One Mordan Talent will be subdivided into thousand Sestertii (singular: Sestertius). Though most transactions in Mordan [or in other space settlements] will involve electronic payments (such as debit cards, internet banking and stored value cards), coins and notes will still be used. Our proposal is to have coins of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 Sestertii and of 1, 2 and 5 Talents; further they will be notes of 10, 20 and 50 Talents.

See here of the proposed currency sign.

The legal position of Animals

From the draft of the Mordan Animal Welfare Code:

Living animals cannot be owned.


The keeper of an animal should take care of its interests.

From this we can conclude that though one cannot own animals, this does not prohibits keeping animals per se. Rather keeping animals is a kind of guardianship. This is not a real issue with companion animals (usually called pets), but it seems problematic for the economic use of animals. Hence:

The keeper of an animal is entitled the enjoyment of its fruits, provided that such enjoyment does not violate its dignity and its interests.

With fruits are meant the thing produced by animals but are not part of its body. These fruits are not necessarily material goods, but could also be intangible goods. If Alice has a plot of land and Bob has a goat, Alice could pay Bob to have his goat graze her plot.


Cats have their own idea of human-animal relationships.

Turo di Mordano

In order to further the international prestige and to boost the economy of Mordan, we are in favour of organizing great sport events. Earlier we proposed the Lagrangian Games and the Mordan Open. In this post several proposals for a Turo di Mordano.

Proposal 1 Multi-stage inline skate race

A similar format as the Tour de France, but then on inline skates rather than on bicycles. O’Neill cylinders are designed to be 32 to 35 kilometers long and are divided in three valleys separated by windows. This will allow for stages up to 105 kilometers by making a “S” by using the hemispherical poles.

In this proposal there will be about twenty stages, and the participants will have to join a team. Ideally there will be both a race for both men and women.

Proposal 2 Multi-stage tandem race

Though one might think that road cycle racers would compete individually, all participants of the Grand Tours (i.e. the Giro d’Italia, the Tour de France, the Vuelta a España) are part of a team (usually named after the team’s sponsor).

In order to bolster the idea of cycle racing as a team sport, it is an idea to organize a multi-stage race with tandems. Tandems are bicycles for multiple persons, usually in a row. Most tandems are designed for two people, but there also tandems for three or more people. One tandem has even as much as ten seats.

In one version of this proposal, we could use two-person tandems. Further we could require that each tandem is powered by a female and a male racer. This would eliminate all concerns of gender inequality.

In another version, four-person tandems are used. This creates an interesting possibility for changing the line up either by reordering the cyclists or to replace them (only between stages, not during one). This will make road cycle racing an even more tactical sport.

Part of the rim including many nearby space vehicles

Inside view of a Stanford torus. If great enough, a torus-shaped space habitat is suitable for long distance racing.