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Baker on contraception

An interesting new way of contraception is discussed in Robin Baker‘s book Sex in the Future. Baker proposes a system in which people get sterilized at young age (16 or 18 for instance) and that their gametes would be stored ex vivo. When a couple wants to start a family they would retrieve their gametes from the storage and became pregnant through in vitro fertilization. Of course this program should be entirely voluntary, although it would be quite effective.

The Baker plan

On an evening out Alice met Bob. They have a good time and subsequently end up getting laid. The next morning Bob leaves without a trace, but a few weeks later Alice found herself pregnant. Since she is a secular pro-life activist she decides to keep her child, with the result that Alice becomes a single mother. Unable to locate her child’s father, she has sole responsibility to raise her child.

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Overview proposed social-economic reforms

This article is a primer to our manifesto The Mordan Ideology, which will published during 2015. This text is subject for revision.

The social-economic reforms we want to introduce in the Humanist Republic of Mordan, can be summarized as follows:

  1. Debt-free money
  2. Land-value tax
  3. Basic income
  4. Self-employment and cooperatives
  5. 21-hour-work week

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