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Overview proposed social-economic reforms

This article is a primer to our manifesto The Mordan Ideology, which will published during 2015. This text is subject for revision.

The social-economic reforms we want to introduce in the Humanist Republic of Mordan, can be summarized as follows:

  1. Debt-free money
  2. Land-value tax
  3. Basic income
  4. Self-employment and cooperatives
  5. 21-hour-work week

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Name change

In order to prevent confusion we have decided to change the name of this site, currently Republic of Lagrangia. There are two reasons to reconsider a name change:

  1. The current name either suggest that we are either a micronation or a government in exile. We are neither.
  2. It distracts from the actual name of the country we want to establish: the Humanist Republic of Mordan.

We are considering the following names:

  1. The Lagrangian Republican Association
  2. The Lagrangian Humanist Republicans
  3. The Lagrangian Humanist Settlers Association

We would like to hear your opinion on this change.


On this site we regularly discuss a wide range of legal concepts. However, we only do this for the purpose of providing a background for legal reforms to be implemented in future space settlements.

For this reason one cannot derive any rights from any discussion of legal concepts on this site. We do not intend to give legal advise in actual legal procedures in terrestrial nations.

Therefore we do not accept any responsibility for possible damage resulting in the use of our articles involving legal concepts in actual legal procedures.

Further we will not deal with any request for legal advise submitted through our contact form.

20,000 visitors and counting

Yesterday this site have crossed the 20,000 visitor mark. This is the official count as measured by WordPress, and so there might be an inaccuracy in this figure. Nevertheless we are quite happy with this milestone.

The coming period we will post about one post a week. If you want to read more of Mordanicus, please visit Fascinating Future. There he will be posting a few posts a week, including fiction as well commentaries on various topics.

Launch facility location options

Space colonization requires the launch of spaceships from Earth, even if we would use asteroidal resources as much as possible. Humans should be launched from Earth anyway, and at this moment there is no equipment in space which can be used to mine asteroids.

Consequently a space launch facility will be required. The question then where this facility should be located. In our manifesto one can read:

Theoretically those platforms can be everywhere on the planet, even at sea, but is preferable to launch rockets somewhere near the equator. From a practical perspective we should locate our launch site should be at some distance away from populated areas.

Additionally a launch facility should be located in a politically stable country. Further we suggested the Atacama desert in Northern Chile as a suitable location. But as a commenter rightly noticed, one needs to launch spacecraft in eastern direction. In this case this means that spaceships will be launched over Bolivia and Brazil. and problems might arise as these countries might be unwilling to give permission for this.

Alternatively, we could launch spaceships from Northern Queensland (above the 20º southern width). This location is even closer to the equator than Northern Chile, and has the benefit that rockets launched in eastern direction, will fly over sea rather than over land. (For comparison Kennedy Space Center is located at 28º northern width.) Importantly, there is no reason to fear for political instability in Australia.

At this moment we should keep open the choice for a certain location.

See also: Manifesto

The Mordan Federation

It is our aim that the Humanist Republic of Mordan will be a federation of multiple space settlements. The larger settlements (such as O’Neill cylinders) will each constitute a state on their own, while the smaller settlements (Bernal spheres and Stanford tori) will be grouped together in one or more states. The states will be responsible for their internal affairs, while the Mordan federal government will be responsible for the inter-settlement and foreign affairs, and for national security.

This does not mean that there will be no space settlements outside the Mordan federation. Space settlers with other social and political preferences than we, might opt to establish their own federations or even to keep their settlements independent. The relation between Mordan and other space settlements will be based on peaceful coexistence and non-intervention.

What we are not

Republic of Lagrangia is not a space blog

That is we are not a generic space blog, we don’t write about everything related to space and space exploration. For us space colonization is a mean to an end, the establishment of a new society. Hence we wrote about those subjects which are relevant for space colonization and social reforms. See here for more.

Republic of Lagrangia is not a science fiction fan club

Though space colonization is a popular theme in science fiction, albeit often rife with planetary chauvinism, space colonization is a serious subject regarding the future of humanity. Therefore we discuss space colonization from a realistic and scientific perspective.

This should not be understood as we dislike science fiction, on the contrary SF can be very inspiring, but we don’t discuss science fiction on this site. However, since science fiction often deals with similar topics as the ones we discuss here, it’s acceptable to refer to certain works of science fiction (or to fiction in general) in comments. But keep in mind that those references should be relevant to the particular discussion, and that the cited piece of science fiction should be reasonably realistic.

Republic of Lagrangia is not a debating club

Some people like get engaged in discussion on the Internet just for the fun of debating with others. The Internet is full with forums and blogs suited for that purpose. And there is nothing wrong with this.

Only if your intention is to engage in a discussion just to win, Republic of Lagrangia is not the place to be. Discussions on this site are meant to be constructive, i.e. to further our aims. It is good to give critique on our articles, if provided with arguments, or to propose alternatives.

However, if you don’t show any interest in a constructive discussion, as opposed to a debate, we won’t bother to engage with you. We will not waste our time and energy to ’tis! ’tisn’t games.

If you cannot absolutely find yourself in what we stand for, than you could better leave this site. We respect that people have different preferences, but there is no point in seeking to change our preferences.

Republic of Lagrangia is not a lobby club

We don’t actively seek any terrestrial government to pursue any of the proposals we defend on this site, nor do we lobby said governments to further space colonization.