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Gold news

Scientists have discovered a new allow that is four times stronger than most types of steel. This alloy contains three parts titanium and one part gold. Yes, gold! This material might be used in artificial knee and hip joints.

If this titanium-gold alloy would become widely used in medicine, the demand for gold will increase and so will the price of gold. And this might be good news for space settlements as gold could be obtained from asteroids.

One caveat should be made. Central banks and the IMF still hold large gold reserves and they might decide to sell of their reserves to meet demand.

Dairy, Eggs and Space Settlers

Space colonization and livestock farming is a difficult combination, as livestock will require a significant amount of scarce food and space. Either of these will be limited in supply, in particular in the first space settlements. Hence (the first) space settlers will have to adopt a primarily vegan diet, as animal products will be quite expensive. Continue reading Dairy, Eggs and Space Settlers

Natural tariffs

Launching stuff from Earth into space is a costly affair because in order to launch a kilogram of payload, a multiple amount of mass of fuel is needed. Even if we would have a working non-rocket space launch system it will still take 34.84 kWh of energy to accelerate a 1 kg pay load to the escape velocity of our planet [1]. There is no way around this since it is the bare minimum [2]. Continue reading Natural tariffs

On restrictions of foreign ownership of real estate

Several countries have legal restrictions on the ownership of real estate by non-resident foreigners, i.e. people who primarily live abroad. Various motivations exist for such restrictions, including irrational ones like blatant xenophobia. Continue reading On restrictions of foreign ownership of real estate