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Stephen Hawking (1942-2018) RIP

Today we received the sad message that one of the brightest minds of our age has passed away. Stephen Hawking’s contribution to science and the popularization of science are beyond question and we wish his family and friends all the courage they need to cope with their loss.

Important notice

Dear readers,

We have decided that per August 1st, 2017, we will move to a new website. After some consideration we have also decided not to use wordpress for the new site, instead we will use Drupal to build the new website. As the building of the new site will take some time, we will not publish any new articles on the current site after January 30, 2017.

We realize that this might create some inconvenience for some of our followers. As soon as the new site is available, we will inform our readers on how to continue following us.

In the mean time, we wish anyone a happy 2017!


Sometimes we see funny search terms in our site stats. Today we saw this one:

are you in favor of in vitro federalism?

What the f* is in vitro federalism? A quick search at duckduckgo did not reveal any sensible result for “in vitro federalism”.

Maybe this person meant in vitro fertilization, but fertilization and federalism do not quite resemble each other. Hence a typo seems to be unlikely.

Anti-crank policy

RationalWiki defines a crank as:

someone who holds extremely unorthodox views on a subject and is often very vocal about these opinions. A crank will usually maintain their viewpoint despite, or perhaps because of, evidence to the contrary. The crank is usually an amateur in the field they are arguing against, but sometimes individuals with expertise in that field will become a ‘crank’

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An announcement from the moderator

Occasionally people submit comments on a post, which actually contains content referring to a different post. However, we prefer that comments on a particular post deal with that particular post.

If people post comments which deal with a different post, the discussion will become incomprehensible to others. Therefore we have no choice than to disallow such comments, i.e. they will not be approved or they will be removed.

So if one wants to comment on, for instance, “In vitro meat and cannibalism”, please post the comment there and not on, say, “uterine transplants: a first step towards male pregnancy?”.

Unfortunately WordPress does not allow us to move comments from one post to another. People who post an otherwise decent comment on an irrelevant post, will receive an email with the request to resubmit their comment at the right post – provided that they have filled a correct email address.