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The tale of three friends in a cinema

Once upon a time Alice, Bob and Carol wanted to see a movie together, as they were close friends. In their local cinema they could choose out of three different movies, X, Y or Z. So the three friends had to make a choice. Continue reading The tale of three friends in a cinema

A little announcement

Recently have changed the theme of this site, because we were unsatisfied with the former one. Fortunately this change has been well received by our audience.

Today we have made a little adjustment to our side bar. We have moved “archives” and “categories” upwards and we converted these items to drop down menu.

Submission guidelines

On principle we have no problem with receiving unsolicited articles from readers. However we do not accept everything we receive. Any submitted content should fit within the subject matter of this site.

Before submitting any unsolicited content, one should first consider the following rules:

First of all we will never pay anything for unsolicited content. And we definitely do not need ghost writers.

Secondly we do not publish articles which promote conspiracy theories.

Thirdly we also consider requests for sharing articles you have published elsewhere as submitting unsolicited contents.

Fourthly submitted contents should deal with the social or technological aspects of space settlement, within in the context of humanism, secularism and liberalism.

Note on spammers

Recently there has been an increase in attempts to post spam “comments” on this site by using the contact forms on our Contact and FAQ pages.

This is actually quite surprisingly because messages submitted through those forms will not be published, unlike comments. Comments spammers usually seek to generate traffic to their own websites or those of their associates and hence need their spam comments to be public [comment spammers are not interest in the site-owner but in his visitors].

The contact forms are meant for people to contact us privately, and hence are not published on this site. Therefore it is pointless for spammers to submit their “comments” through those forms. We will not reply to such spam reactions and they are deleted at first instance.

Update on stem cells

Recently we did a post on a new method of creating induced pluripotent stem cells, which does not require either destroying embryos or genetic engineering, only a bath with certain chemicals. This breakthrough caused great excitement around the world.

And quite surprising many scientists around the world have started to replicate the Japanese experiment. Unfortunately, until now without success. However, many scientists working in this field are, as yet, still reluctantly to call this discovery a fraud. Instead many suggest that the Japanese have not unfold the whole procedure, possibly due to a patent application.

Nature, the journal which has published the Japanese research, is now investigating the integrity of the scientists who wrote the article. We believe that this is a good thing, though we hope that the researchers will be found integer, after all extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.