Stephen Hawking (1942-2018) RIP

Today we received the sad message that one of the brightest minds of our age has passed away. Stephen Hawking’s contribution to science and the popularization of science are beyond question and we wish his family and friends all the courage they need to cope with their loss.


Situational crime prevention

According to the crime opportunity theory the main cause of crime is the opportunity for prospective criminals to commit crime. Consequently crime can be reduced by eliminating opportunities for committing crimes, a strategy also known as situational prevention. In other words, by making it harder for people to commit crimes, more would-be offenders will abstain from illegal activities. Continue reading Situational crime prevention

Proton batteries

At The Guardian I found a very interesting article:

Look, no lithium! First rechargeable proton battery created.

According to the article, a team of researchers at the RMIT University in Melbourne have created a battery that instead of scarce lithium, uses carbon and hydrogen. The main benefit of this new type of battery, is that carbon and hydrogen are abundant and hence cheap materials.

With the increased popularity of electric vehicles, the demand for batteries increases and hence the demand for lithium and also its price. The limited abundance of lithium is a serious bottleneck for a more sustainable fleet of cars.

According to the scientists who made this proton battery it will take five to ten years, before it will be commercially available.

Space news

We want to share two news stories on ScienceDaily relevant for space colonization.

Roadmap to enhance radioresistance for space colonization.

Cosmic radiation is by far the most serious threat for space settlement, both orbital and surface-based ones. Without adequate protection from cosmic radiation, human space colonization will be impossible. Therefore research to protect humans against this radiation is of crucial importance.

Widespread water on the Moon

Water is indispensable for human life and hence the presence of water is of critical importance for any Moon-based settlement. Contrary to previous scientific understanding, there appears more water on the Moon. However, this water is primarily contained as hydroxy into lunar stones.

Financial Service Act (updated outline)

Book 1 General Provisions

Book 2 The Financial Service Authority

Book 3 Banking

Title 1 General provisions

Title 2 Consumer and Investment Banks

Title 3 Miscellaneous

Book 4 Credit

Title 1 Types of credit and money loans

Title 2 Credit Unions

Title 3 Peer-to-peer loans

Title 4 Pawn shops

Book 5 Insurance

Title 1 General provisions

Title 2 Insurance companies

Title 3 Insurance markets

Title 4 Types of insurances

Title 5 Reinsurance

Title 6 Miscellaneous

Book 6 Securities

Title 1 General provisions

Title 2 Emission of securities

Title 3 Second-hand trade of securities

Title 4 Deposit of securities

Title 5 Miscellaneous

Book 7 Derivatives

Title 1 General provisions

Title 2 Futures

Title 3 Other derivatives

Book 8 Financial intermediaries

Title 1 General provisions

Title 2 Securities brokers

Title 3 Insurance brokers

Title 4 Mortage brokers

Book 9 Asset Management and Mutual Funds

Title 1 General management

Title 2 Individual asset management

Title 3 Institutional assetmanagement

Title 4 Mutual funds

Book 10 Currency Trade

Title 1 General provisions

Title 2 TBA

For the establishment of secular, liberal, humanist and republican space settlements