Some ideas for a job guarantee program

Here a list of things which could be part of a job guarantee program, while avoiding the creation of more “bullshit jobs”.

  • Art
  • Volunteer work
  • Home care
  • Open Source projects
  • Translating foreign documents
  • Human power plants

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Financial Service Act (updated outline)

Book 1 General Provisions

Book 2 The Financial Service Authority

Book 3 Banking

Title 1 General provisions

Title 2 Consumer and Investment Banks

Title 3 Miscellaneous

Book 4 Credit

Title 1 Types of credit and money loans

Title 2 Credit Unions

Title 3 Peer-to-peer loans

Title 4 Pawn shops

Book 5 Insurance

Title 1 General provisions

Title 2 Insurance companies

Title 3 Insurance markets

Title 4 Types of insurances

Title 5 Reinsurance

Title 6 Miscellaneous

Book 6 Securities

Title 1 General provisions

Title 2 Emission of securities

Title 3 Second-hand trade of securities

Title 4 Deposit of securities

Title 5 Miscellaneous

Book 7 Derivatives

Title 1 General provisions

Title 2 Futures

Title 3 Other derivatives

Book 8 Financial intermediaries

Title 1 General provisions

Title 2 Securities brokers

Title 3 Insurance brokers

Title 4 Mortage brokers

Book 9 Asset Management and Mutual Funds

Title 1 General management

Title 2 Individual asset management

Title 3 Institutional assetmanagement

Title 4 Mutual funds

Book 10 Currency Trade

Title 1 General provisions

Title 2 TBA

Space settlements and cyber-war

The recent wannacry and patya attacks have increase attention to cyber-attacks. Both attacks appear to be politically motivated and hence raises question about the future of warfare. This is of particular interest for space settlements. There are two reasons why space settlements will be particularly vulnerable to cyber-warfare. Continue reading Space settlements and cyber-war

Art and monetary policy

About twenty years ago Danish artist Lars Kræmer started the Artmoney project. His idea is for artists to make small, bank note-sized pieces of art with a fixed value of two hundred Danish Kroner. These pieces of arts can be then be used to pay for goods and services. According to Wikipedia about 1,300 artists in 40 countries participates in this project and there have been exhibitions of artmoney. Continue reading Art and monetary policy

The benefits of daily puzzles

Earlier we proposed that solving puzzles should be a school subject. A study by researchers at the University of Exeter shows that solving puzzles like crosswords on a daily base, strongly improves one’s cognitive abilities at old age. More precise: regular puzzle solving is linked to better memory and thinking skills.

This study supports our proposed policy of including puzzle solving in the curriculum of schools, as it suggests that this will improve overall intellectual skills and hence will likely have a positive effect on academic performances.

Daily crosswords linked to sharper brain in later life (Science Daily)

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