In vitro blood?

Last month Dutch scientist Mark Post presented the first hamburger made from cultured meat. Today we received the news that the Dutch blood bank group Sanquin, is doing research to produce red blood cells in vitro, also known as erythrocytes. Just as is the case with in vitro meat induced pluripotent stem cells are used. … Continue reading In vitro blood?

An announcement from the moderator

Occasionally people submit comments on a post, which actually contains content referring to a different post. However, we prefer that comments on a particular post deal with that particular post. If people post comments which deal with a different post, the discussion will become incomprehensible to others. Therefore we have no choice than to disallow such … Continue reading An announcement from the moderator

Animal welfare

Humanism is about behaving like the best of civilised, thoughtful, responsible, considerate moral agents. We talk about being humane towards animals; that is, acting with the consideration and kindness that arise from conscious interest in their welfare. A. C. Grayling in The God Argument p. 196. As a humanist organization, Republic of Lagrangia puts great importance … Continue reading Animal welfare

Republic of Lagrangia and the Voyager

Those who think that Republic of Lagrangia is a space blog, might wonder why we didn’t pay attention to last week’s news that Voyager 1 has definitely left our Solar System. But those make a mistake: namely that we are a space blog. Only the fact is that Republic of Lagrangia is not a space … Continue reading Republic of Lagrangia and the Voyager