Forget the Moon, start with the Near Earth Asteroids

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The early proponents of space colonization, O’Neill in particulary, proposed an scheme in which we should first establish a base on the Moon. Because it is much cheaper to use resources from the Moon, then to import them from Earth. Only elements which cannot be found on the Moon in significant quantities, most notably the Moon lack large amounts of hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen (which are essential for life), should be imported from Earth to space habitats. According to O’Neill’s planning a few years after finishing the first habitats, we should move to the Asteroid belt. There we should have all necessary elements to our dispossal. Continue reading Forget the Moon, start with the Near Earth Asteroids


A Republic in Space

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As we said in our welcome post, we want to establish a independent republic in Outer Space. Our plans for this are primarly based on the ideas of Gerard K. O’Neill, as described in  his book The High Frontier. Continue reading A Republic in Space

For the establishment of secular, liberal, humanist and republican space settlements